Sunday, July 17, 2011


I have no idea why I'm choosing to update right this moment. Something is compelling me. But it's not a good instinct.

Maybe it's a need for distraction.

I have an awful, awful migraine right now. I can't really see and I'm not really trying to. I was in the bookstore and it was going in and out as a headache and I thought it had gone and then I stood up and it came back and transformed into this awful migraine. It hit so hard that I was wincing while I was walking around and when the pain gets really bad I start to get nauseous and that had started to happen so I decided it was time to head to my room and give in.

I got to my room and it felt like the perfect storm of pain. My migraine, then my hip hurting and my back hurting. What a day.

I get headaches a lot. It seems to be the way my body tells me something isn't perfect; I get headaches when I'm tired, when I'm hungry, when I'm dehydrated, when I'm stressed. I get headaches for every possible reason. It's one of the reasons I've mostly quit drinking soda (though the primary reason is my teeth, and a closer runner-up is water is just a whole lot cheaper), because taking caffeine dependency out of the mix gives me one less reason I might have a headache.

So I get little headaches all the time, I'm used to them. I've had headaches last a week or more, but those are usually stress headaches. Migraines I don't get all that often, but they are awful when they show up. It's like you can't think as well because of all the pain in your head. You can't see or focus for the same reason.

I think I something else to say when I started this but now I have no idea.

I really want a pizza.

I know the guy with the chocolate lab puppy is still in the motel because his truck is still here and I really, really, REALLY want to go knock on the door that I'm pretty sure is his and ask if he needs someone to take his puppy for a walk or just take it off his hands for an hour or two. But I think that might be too weird of me to do. And I don't want to become the new creepy person at this motel.

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