Wednesday, July 27, 2011


One of my friends posted a list on Facebook titled "100 Things in 1000 Days" and it's a long-term list of goals you want to complete. The ten categories are Health, Travel, Monetary, Education, Entertainment, Literature, Friendship, Family, Environment/Giving and Growing Up. Ten things in each category, with a little less than three years to check everything off the list. I think it's a really neat idea. A collection of things you want to do, with a reasonable timeline and tailored to you. I'm working on my list right now. I wish I would've learned about this two months ago, though, because then Travel would've been an easy category to move through. Instead I'm focusing on this city and the region, and since it is a long-term list, visiting some people I don't see that often.

One of the things on my list--under Education since I didn't know where else to put it--was to enter writing contests. I already had one to enter through Good Housekeeping and then just this morning I found another to enter through Real Simple. Good Housekeeping wants fiction about an aspect of being a woman today. Real Simple wants a story about when you realized what love means. I think the Real Simple topic is easier and I had a moment pop into my head almost immediately. No spoilers, though, because when I'm done I'll send it to everyone to read.

In 2 hours I'm going to go look at a mattress!! If it has no bugs, blood, or urine stains it will be mine! Hopefully tomorrow! I have to rent a truck and I didn't want to rent it before I saw the mattress it case it ends up being a dud. And then after that! I'm going to go apply for a job! Yay job! I can't wait for one. I love working. It makes me feel useful and worthwhile and tired. Being tired at the end of the day because of a good day of work is great. You sleep so well!

The storm is right overhead right now so you can hear the thunder as soon as you see the flash. It's a little gloomy, but I do love a good storm. According to locals this weather is unusual so it might clear up any day. Or last until winter. We'll see.

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