Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Do or Die

I think I'm getting sick, but I refuse to accept it and am telling myself I strained my neck and that's why my throat hurts. One time when I had a sore throat I convinced myself I swallowed a spider in my sleep and it bit me when I swallowed it. I preferred that scenario to being sick.

Anyway. I'm at the same motel tonight that I was at last night. It was cheaper than all other hotels because of an internet sale, so I didn't feel like paying more to stay at a place with lower ratings. I also figured that the creepy guy isn't likely to come back and if he does, the whole staff here knows me and knows who he is. I feel surprisingly safe here now. When I checked in the guy at the desk didn't need my ID to look up my reservation and when I was walking to my room another staff member waved and said "Welcome back!"

While unloading my car tonight I saw a puppy! The guy unloading the car two cars away had been gesturing to something on the sidewalk, but I thought he was trying to get something to not roll off the sidewalk because I couldn't see anything. Then I got out of my car and a tiny little chocolate lab ran out! I asked to pet him and the little puppy was so so sweet. I asked if I could borrow him for the night. He had little green eyes! It was nice to get in some puppy time. Puppies are just the best.

I have, I think, come to the conclusion I cannot get a dog right now. I have not, however, come to the conclusion that I cannot get a kitten right now. So I've been kitten shopping. The shelter I think I'd get two kittens from (kittens come in pairs, don't act surprised) is also asking for volunteers to socialize kittens, so when I email them about one of the kittens, I think I'm going to ask about volunteering, too.

I'm going to look at an apartment tomorrow and if it's good (please please please be good) I'm going to sign for it on the spot! If it's not, there's a backup apartment complex I'm looking at and I will go to them right after and say GIVE ME A PLACE. And hopefully that will be it. I need a place. That's all there is to it.

I was in Williams-Sonoma earlier today and it made me want a kitchen so so much and that's 10% of why I decided tomorrow is IT. Apartment day, no other options. I love kitchens. I want to cook so much. I want to get better at it and I want to be great. And it's summer and the best fruits are in season and I want to use them.

I went to the mall earlier today to try to find zoo shorts (no luck) and also some better shoes. I can feel hips and my back not doing so well from wearing flats and sandals all summer. I found a pair of nice shoes and then remembered this whole dwindling funds thing so I couldn't talk myself into them. Especially since I still need to find zoo shorts.

I can't wait to start the job search next. It'll make me feel so much better about so many things.

Did you know a large pizza can feed a girl for 2 days?

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