Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Home!

I got a place today!!


I saw an ad yesterday and sent an email, made a call to see it today, and liked it enough to say "Right now? Please?" I'm in a house, with a roommate. She's 35? But we get along pretty well so far, and seem to have a lot of things in common. Hopefully it goes well.

Now. This house is a shotgun. I'm pretty sure this style of house is not common outside of New Orleans, because it seems pretty silly. I made a picture for you, to better explain what this looks like.

The left side is the front. The two front rooms will be "living areas" for now, they are connected by pocket doors that don't really slide closed. Then there is a door into the next room, which is my roommate's. Then a door to the bathroom, though the bathroom is it's only little room in this room. There is also an entrance here (that's the black squiggle to the side of "bath"). Then there is a door to my room, then there is a doorway to the kitchen. There are no hallways. It's just a stretch of rooms. It's not an ideal way to share space with someone you just met. But a LOT of houses are like this here. And see how all the windows are on one side (little blue lines)? That's because there's another half to the house, occupied by another family. So it's weird. The green boxes are the counters.

 The kitchen! See how nice the appliances are?! Hooray! There are washer and dryer hookups, but no machines yet, but my new roommate (her name is Sarah, in case it comes up) says she's interested in getting a set, so we'll see.
 This is my room, from the kitchen door. She has an air mattress she's letting me use until I get a bed.
 Sealed off fireplace, perfect for displaying my diploma and my very cheetah paw print art.
 His name is Frankie. He came with the apartment.
 This is the view of the apartment from the front door, so you can see how it just sort of opens all the way up. You can see all the way into my roommate's room.
 The fireplace in the living room. Every room has one.
Another friend living in the apartment with me! She's already on the bed next to me. It's like we're old pals.

I didn't start taking pictures until night time, so there's no picture of the outside. Maybe tomorrow.

The neighborhood seems mostly safe. Sarah has been here for a month and hasn't had any problems and she has friends in the neighborhood that have been here much longer and they haven't had problems either. So that's good.

Apparently, though, this street does flood when it rains. Hooray! Sarah had puddles in her car a couple of days ago. Apparently the strategy is to park on the sidewalk when it gets that bad. So this could be fun. But, take it as it comes. Hurricane season is fast approaching, too, so that could be an experience. Mildly terrified. Hopefully it's a good year. Hopefully my car doesn't get destroyed in this weather.

Meanwhile. Boy do I need furniture! I have two suitcases of books and no shelves. I have clothes and they're all in bags. And an air mattress. Interesting. A mattress is first priority. A bed frame is second. Unfortunately those are the things that will be most difficult to get into this place since a mattress with not fit in my car and a bed frame only might.

The internet she has is slow and doesn't want to load my Netflix shows and this is very disappointing. Though not unlike the Super 8.

Speaking of!

I sort of miss it. Living in a motel is really depressing, absolutely, but it felt comfortable and I felt safe and I had gotten to know the staff. And today when I was leaving the lawyer was in the lobby and he told me "If you need anything, you can ask us." And it was sort of neat.

That is what happened today! Also, I had red beans and rice for dinner. With sweet tea. I'm going to fit in in no time.


  1. I'm so glad you have a place to live! The shotgun layout is something quite strange, just one to add to your memoir! ;)

  2. I'll bet when you write your memoirs, you can get some good chapter titles out of living in a shotgun house.....Chapter 1, Life in the Shotgun. That's just gravy! Congratulations, Nichole, on landing your new place. I'm excited for you.

  3. The shotgun house is actually pretty common. I could probably find at least some in every town. My grandmother lives in one that has been modified so that it isn't obviously a shotgun and resides on a street that was almost exclusively shotgun houses at one time. However, considering the shotgun house wasn't exactly for the upper-income set, many have fallen into disrepair and have been demolished through the years. In fact, a whole mess of them were recently torn down not too far from me and have been replaced with little square houses used for low-income housing.
    Just for reference, I live in "Swampeast Missouri/Bootheel" area.