Monday, July 18, 2011

And Then...

I've really started to get to like this blogging thing. It's a habit now. As my day unfolds I think "Oh, I could write about this today."

Today I didn't really have much happen.

I had a small crisis. The internet at Barnes & Noble didn't work today. I don't know why. It definitely messed up my schedule. I decided to sit and read until 2, because that's when check-in at the motel is. At 2, I still didn't want to give in because the motel is a very depressing place. I kept trying the internet and gave up at about 4. Ergh. Got in, ate some old pizza, and then had the desk call me. A couple of days ago, they called my room to tell me they could help me find an apartment if I wanted them to. There's a lawyer who has his office in the motel (I don't understand this arrangement at all, but room 106 has a sign on the door that's his law office) and he's from the area so they talked to him and he offered to see if he knew anyone. They called to tell me he was in and wanted to talk to me about what I was looking for. I went to the lobby and ended up talking to him and a then a real estate person he knew, and then we just sort of talked about neighborhoods and all of that.

It ended up not being really helpful, since they just gave me tips I'd already gotten or told me to do things I was already doing, but it was really nice of them to participate. He said he would keep asking around for me.

Those are my stories for the day. Not all that exciting.

Oh, and I had a weird flood of insects turn up in my room last night. I saw one, then I saw three, then eight, and then they were just all over one corner of my room. Little winged things, that I was pretty sure weren't harmful or anything, and I ignored them for a little while. I looked back and they seemed to have gone away so I relaxed. Started getting ready for bed and they had come back! And they were in my bed. Insects can be anywhere they want to be, but my bed is off limits. So I called the front desk and had them change my room and I made sure to leave a pile of dead bugs visible so they would know what I was talking about in the morning.

While I was in the bookstore today I was reading the fourth Harry Potter book and the woman sitting next to me asked if I'd seen the last move yet--I haven't--and we started talking about how amazing Harry Potter is. It was pretty cool to have that conversation with someone after just writing about it. I'm hoping to see the movie soon, but we'll see. 3D can make me motion sick so I haven't decided if I want to see it in 3D or not. Big decisions!

Ho-hum. I'll try to have an exciting day tomorrow. For better posting.

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