Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I wasn't going to post today because I want to get some reading in since my free time is about to plummet since I now  have a job. But I'm so happy that I thought I should post and share my wonderful feelings!

Right, I got a job today! A paying job! Here's how it went:

I got up early and got dressed in my fancy interview clothes (I own exactly one set of fancy interview clothes, in case you were wondering). I paced around the house a little bit trying to kill those last twelve minutes before I needed to leave the house because I knew I wanted to get there early but I didn't want to get there too early. Finally the moment came and I got there ten minutes early, as planned, and read some of the pet literature in the lobby. Interview time!

It went well. I told them about my experience with animals in shelters and zoos, saying the animals might be different but the work is quite similar, with a lot of cleaning and all of that. They asked if I was comfortable with learning proper animal restraint, comfortable with all breeds of dogs, comfortable with euthanasia, all of that. Nod, nod, nod. It went really well. Then she asked me about my availability. I had already slipped in the internship so they knew, but when I said what my hours were the interviewer actually winced. She said the hours they have don't match when I'm available. I told her I understood and that I still wanted to come in for the interview, knowing matching my availability would be difficult. I told her, though, that if they ended up with any gaps after their interviews and hiring that fit my schedule they could feel free to contact me about them. She said she didn't want to take me out of the mix and asked what I would be doing at the end of my internship, I said I didn't know, I would be looking for employment wherever I could get it.

I left the clinic with conflicting emotions. Upset I didn't get the job, but happy that the interview went well and that it sounded like I would have gotten the job if I had the availability.

My roommate also had a job interview today--one she is really, really excited about--and she called me in the afternoon saying we should go get lunch to celebrate. First time I've even out since I've been here! We were out running errands and she got a phone call about a second round interview so we were excited. Then, in the same car ride, I got a phone call from the vet!

She said she had called my references--two of my supervisors from the library, and the animal curator at NW Trek--and that they had said such great things about me and it was great to talk to them. I could tell by her voice that she meant it, that they had said great things. And because of that she wanted to offer me the position, starting tomorrow! With hours Monday and Tuesday 8am-6pm, and scheduled every 5th Saturday, because they cycle through Saturday hours.

How great is that?! I think it was probably my references that changed her mind, or pushed her to do it. I can't be sure, but with what she said when I left versus the phone call, I can only think it was the references that made the difference. And it feels so good to know that the people I've worked for have enough to say about me to convince someone else to give me a job. Wonderful!

I have to be there at 7:50 tomorrow morning. I get scrubs!

I'm really excited. Thrilled. A paying job--what a relief! It'll take some of the edge off, for sure.

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