Tuesday, August 16, 2011


On Sunday night I got a phone call from the emergency vet clinic I applied at awhile ago, asking to set up an interview. I didn't call back until just now because I was thinking really hard about whether or not I wanted a third job. It's a clinic that's only open at night so I would have hours from 6-midnight. I could fit it in, technically. And extra money would be great. Really really super duper great. But then I got home from work today and I'm so tired I'll probably be asleep within the hour. And it's 7:38 right now. I actually considered going to bed before dinner because I didn't really have the energy for making anything. I ended up making a quesadilla. Anyway, so I called back and said I had already taken another job. Part of me really wants to interview for the it anyway. Get it. See if I could fit it in. Not worrying about money would be so great. so so great. But I don't think I could make it on five and a half hours of sleep some nights. I wish they had called me sooner! I think it would be a better job for my schedule, but oh well.

Oh, I have hives all over my face. It's delightful. They don't itch that bad and they aren't all that red, but it's a little annoying. I think it must be from dog slobber. Some dogs give me hives. It's only happened once or twice before, but it has happened. Hopefully they settle down in a day or so.

I had more things I was going to say but I'm so tired I can't really think. I haven't been sleeping well. I usually sleep through the night without interruption but the last few weeks I've been waking up a few times. I don't think my sleep has been very restful. Hopefully tonight.

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