Saturday, August 13, 2011

Last Weekend

So on this, my last Saturday off work for the next three months, guess what I was? Just guess. You'll never get it.

I was bored.

I woke up at 8, hung out in bed for awhile, made breakfast, read a little, knitted a little, read some more, went to the library to get some books, went to Wal-Mart to get bed risers, read more, knitted more. Not a big day.

It makes me less anxious to think about the next three months when I realize that my last weekend isn't spent doing exciting things I'm going to be unable to do while working. I'll have less reading time per day, but I won't have zero reading time. Same with knitting. I know I'll be annoyed on laundry days when I have to go to the laundromat after work instead of being able to come directly home, but that's about it. I have an hour lunch break at the clinic which is enough to run quick daytime errands if I need to. And if I get really exhausted there is no reason I can't go to bed the second I get home from work if I want to.

I made rice krispie treats tonight. I've never made them before and it was a mild disaster. I dropped a glob of marshmallow on the floor and of course stepped in it right away, then stepped in it with the other foot shortly after, which means that everywhere I went after that had a sticky spot until I took my socks off. Now the kitchen floor has sticky spots all over because marshmallow dries pretty clear. I'll clean them as I find them, I guess.

I killed two suspect bugs tonight that may or may not have been juvenile cockroaches. Unless I'm 100% sure it is not a cockroach, it gets squished. It's the sad truth of my fear right now.

I went to the eye doctor yesterday because my right eye has been acting up every third or fourth morning and it's not going away and it's very, very annoying. Doctor couldn't decide what it was. He gave me sample bottles of antibiotics--free! I love free--to use this week, just in case, but he thinks it's more likely that it's an allergy that's bothering me because both my eyes look like they're responding to an allergen. It's all inconclusive, though. Both my eyes, on the inside parts you can't see when you're looking at me, look like there's an allergy problem, but only my right eye is having problems. Doesn't make sense. The stuff coming out of my eye--gross, sorry--is opaque, which is usually infection but could be a chronic allergy that's causing white blood cells to show up. However, the allergy medication he prescribed for me is expensive. He told me this, but I haven't checked yet. He said without insurance it can be $125, and it doesn't have a generic form, so it might still be pretty high even with my insurance. That's why I'll be giving the antibiotics a go first and if they don't work I'll go see about this allergy stuff. But if it's too expensive (above $25) I think I'll just deal with my eye every couple of mornings.

Tomorrow I'm finally going to see Harry Potter. So I do have plans for my last day off. And I know if I don't see it now I won't get to see it in theatres, so it needs to happen. Pretty excited!

Now I'm quite tired. I almost didn't eat dinner after making the krispie treats because I was too tired. By the way, they aren't ordinary krispie treats, they're smores krispie treats! Pretty good, but, ha, too sweet for me. I might pass them out at work.

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