Monday, August 1, 2011

In Another World

Don't fret; I'm alive! I know I haven't posted in a few days.

The things I did this weekend were pretty unremarkable.

The things I did not do this weekend, however, were pretty remarkable:

I went to a knitting store and spent not a single dime. I even walked by the Faulkner bookstore and did not go in. I did not go to the Cajun festival in Lake Charles because rough calculations told me the day would cost me at least $65. And, most remarkably, I did not get a kitten. The Louisiana SPCA--mere minutes from my house--was giving away cats all weekend; waiving the adoption fee to anyone who wanted a new cat. I did not go. I did not get a kitten.

I'm pretty disappointed about not going to the Cajun festival because I really wanted to go, but I know there will be more festivals and more opportunities and hopefully I will have a paying job the next time an opportunity springs up. Pretty much the same logic with the kitten.

The knitting store I went to was in the French Quarter and it was the first time I've gone since I've been here this time. It's not far from me, but it's not walking distance, really, and driving is more than I want to deal with since it's all one ways and clueless/drunk/too-brave-for-their-own-good pedestrians. Additionally, parking is expensive. I'm about eight blocks from the streetcar, though, and that's an easy way in to the Quarter. I'm still sorta iffy about my neighborhood, though, so I didn't want to walk, so I drove my car up and parked a block away and then got on the streetcar. I then used my very determined, purposeful walk to get to the knitting store. Which worked, because no one tried to ask me for money, or tried to sell me something, or offered to read my fortune.

I walked in and was pretty disappointed immediately, but stayed long enough to look around anyway. For some reason I had high expectations of the knitting places in New Orleans because it seems like it would be a crafty, creative place. But this store was itty bitty and had no selection. The other store I've been doing had a great selection but the woman working there completely ignored me when I walked in, which hasn't been my typical yarn store experience.

Anyway, afterwards I decided to wander around the Quarter a little bit even though I knew I didn't want to go into any shops and get tempted, or stay long enough to get hungry.

Afterwards I went to Macy's to buy sheets I saw online, but they didn't have them in store like the website said they did. I came home and then read the reviews on those same sheets, which were all awful, so now I think I'll just keep my sheets that don't fit until I find a job.

Since those outings on Friday I have mostly been reading. I finished the fourth Harry Potter yesterday and finished the fifth today. I've been pretty absorbed in that, really. I took a break last night to make banana cupcakes with peanut butter frosting (delicious!) but that's about it. Today I didn't even really take a break to eat. I had a sandwich for breakfast since it requires almost no prep time and just had a cupcake and some rice for dinner.

I also need to go grocery shopping pretty bad because I have one sandwich worth of food left and some eggs. It's on my list of things to do tomorrow. Along with calling an eye doctor, which I'm not particularly excited about. I also think I'll go to the knitting store again--the one with the non-talking sales lady--and see if I like it better this time. Big day.

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  1. I went fishing in the bay at Lake Charles. I remember thinking that it was going to be pristine saltwater fishing. There were basketballs and bags of garbage floating by our little motor boat, but the fish were hitting.

    Later that day, at a dock, some guy was giving us gruff for being northerners, and he also told us how his father wrapping a jumper cable around his hand (father's hand) and beating him (the son) with it made him a better man (the son).

    That was a weird place.