Wednesday, June 29, 2011


In case you all have been checking back, eagerly awaiting news about the internship, I have news.

No news!

I didn't hear from him yesterday so last night I emailed him saying I had hoped to hear from him, had he made a decision, I am so excited about the internship! He emailed me back saying there had been "delays" and the intern schedule is not finalized and nothing has been decided yet. He will let me know in a day or so.

Yesterday was awful because I don't wait very well, so I was checking my email every 10 minutes and looking at the clock and just not doing well. I feel better now, though, because "a day or so" is vague and doesn't have me looking for a certain moment. Whereas "I should let you know by Tuesday" makes me crazy waiting all day Tuesday.

Now I'm just annoyed because I want to be able to make the rest of my plans and I have to stall a few more days. I did, however, just email someone about a sublet in New Orleans. It's just for July and August but--if I don't get the internship--that would give me a place to stay and enough time to figure out if I like the city and find a job and a more permanent place to stay. If I get the internship, it'll be a nice place to stay until I find a more long term place to stay.

If I get the internship, I have to find a part time job that will work around the zoo schedule. The curator said they can be flexible with the schedule if I need to get a job, so that's nice. And that job will just be the highest paying and/or most  flexible part time job I can find. If I don't get the internship, then I need to find a full time job with animals. And apply to volunteer at the zoo to keep the exotic animal experience that I need.

It's only been a week but I'm already sick of the "If I get it..." scenarios. I just want to know.

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