Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Next Leg

I'm thinking of getting on the road again soon, which has me looking at maps and tourist guides and websites and hotels and festivals and national parks and everything else I can possibly to think to look at so that I can make this drive great.

But I keep looking at all the things I've missed. I didn't stop in Chattanooga, because I figured I'd got through it again when I got back to Knoxville--a place I now don't know if I'll ever return to. I really wanted to go to Chattanooga, but I knew it would take a day or two there and I wanted to get to Atlanta right quick. I still haven't seen Charleston and I've only spent two hours in Savannah and those are cities I would really love to spend time in, but they are so far away from New Orleans. I feel like when I'm unemployed and in my car, everything is close. But once I get an apartment somewhere, then leaving it is a trip, it's a vacation, it's not the same.

I could drive up to Charleston and then across to Chattanooga and then onto Memphis and then down into Mississippi to Oxford and Jackson, but I'd miss the Natchez trail and the Gulf Coast. I really have no idea.

But! That's why I'm working on figuring it out. So that I can see what path will get me the most places.

I'm also trying to figure out where in the world I'm going to be on the 4th of July. It'd be neat to be in a small town with it's own small town festivities, but it's fun to know that just about every town will have festivities so no matter where I am, I should be able to catch some fireworks.

I got some planning to do, for sure.

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  1. You're getting on the road again already!? Oh boy!