Monday, April 18, 2011

Unseasonably Awful Weather

Winter is dragging on and on in such a miserable way. It’s 35 degrees outside right now and only about 45 degrees inside because the heater won last night. The average temperature for today is only in the mid-fifties, but that sounds so delightfully springy! Ugh.
And I’m sick! Sore throat and runny nose. Tackling it with hot water with lemon and honey and lots of rest, but am still disappointed in my immune system for giving in. After 6 months of winter, though, I want to give up, too. I should’ve gone into hibernation with the bears this year.
This was meant to be another post with background on hopes, dreams, identity, etc. but being sick has gone to my head and I’m groggy and cranky and don’t feel like doing it right now.
Something I learned today: the high for today in Ithaca history is 91. And today is the day that Lincoln offered Lee command of the U.S. Army 150 years ago. In a day or two, he’ll resign.
Something you should learn today: I love Civil War history and I’ll be living the next 4 years completely engrossed by it.

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