Saturday, April 23, 2011

To Taste of Life Again

I'm still sick and it's so lame. I can almost breathe right now, but I still can't taste anything. I think most of the other times I've been this unable to taste food I have also been sick enough to not want to eat or to not care about what I'm eating. But my nose is the only part of me that's still sick. I would love to be tasting foods right now. I ate a hamburger for dinner and couldn't taste it. I even tried to eat jalapenos to clear my sinuses a little; it worked for a second, but mostly just made me tear up. But the texture of the hamburger was so strange! I think I like hamburgers for texture and taste. I had eggs for breakfast this morning, and the texture is a little iffy without any flavor.

Speaking of weird food textures, I was watching "Monsters Inside Me" earlier today, which is a show about parasites and the people that get infested with them, and a man got a parasite by eating little bitty crabs ALIVE. How creepy. And potentially painful? I don't think I ever want something moving around of its own accord while I'm trying to kill it with my teeth.

I saw African Cats today, to cheer myself up after a really crappy day, but I can't decide if it was a good decision or a bad one. Adorable beginning, terribly sad middle, uplifting ending. It was beautiful to watch, there were some awesome shots. But yeesh, not happy. And nature programs aren't happy, they can't be happy because it's life the way it happens, but this was rated G so I hoped it would just be the cute parts. Lots of sad parts, instead, and because of the G rating you don't see any of the gore that makes other nature programs brutal, but somehow almost easier to take. You know how sometimes the worst part of a horror movie is when you don't know what is happening behind a closed door? Ditto a lion being pulled under the surface of murky "crocodile infested" river.

More on the crappy day tomorrow, I think.

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