Saturday, September 3, 2011


Tropical storm Lee has put New Orleans--I think the whole state, actually--into a state of emergency because of the expected flooding.

I've got my car parked on the sidewalk, which is about the highest I can get my car, so hopefully it will make it through without being flooded. My house is elevated so we should be fine there, too. We're expected to get 15-20 inches in the next two days.

So far, so good. We still have power, which isn't true everywhere. I'm not going to work today because even if I could probably get there, once the flooding starts in earnest it'll be quick and I may not be able to get back. I also just hate driving in severe weather and would rather not take the risk. So today I will read, knit, and hang out with my kittens. Tomorrow might be the same. We'll see what Lee does today.

In other news, I think Magnolia is sick. Her little kitten lymph nodes appear to be swollen. They need to be taken to the vet in less than two weeks, though, so unless she gets really obviously worse I'll just wait until then.

In other, other news, I really need rubber boots. I needed them last summer and didn't get them because I thought they occasions where I would need them would be rare. But the zoo seems to demand a lot work in high waters. Even my water-resistant shoes get soaked by lunch. And right now, in the flooding, I don't have shoes/boots to go into the street with. I feel like the list of things I need keeps getting longer but they aren't in my budget. I also am looking into a printer/scanner so I can start printing out resumes and applications and applying for jobs again. Printer, boots, and a belt. I think those are my next priorities.

Having a day off is weird. It's just after 8:30 and I feel like I should be doing something.

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