Friday, November 4, 2011


I am about a day or two away from committing to training for a half-marathon. A keeper and I started talking about it today and decided we should start running together, with a 12-week training period before we reach the half-marathon. Then I suggested we find a half-marathon and register for it so we have a real goal and a place to run when we get to that point. We found a marathon, on March 4, 2012. We're both looking at training programs tonight and we're going to decide on a schedule this weekend, hoping to start Tuesday or Wednesday. She has a cold right now so we have to wait until she's better.

Which also commits me to New Orleans until March 4. Probably at least March 5.

I'm excited for a new goal, though. One that's attainable in the next couple of months with a lot of hard work. New Orleans also has some great outdoor spaces so I think the runs will be pretty pleasant. As far as 10 mile runs go.

I'll keep everyone updated about how it goes.

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  1. That sounds like a great goal, Nichole.

    I'm in the middle of setting goals too. I've been trying to come up with a good fitness goal, but have yet to find the right one. I have a body fat goal of going under 14% by February 1, but that shouldn't be too difficult. I want an activity goal like a race or a lift or a climb.... We'll see.

    As for your race goal, I'll cheer you on from afar. Go for it.